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Sell Anywhere with Embedded eCommerce Tools

Bring complete ecommerce capabilities and security to any online environment and sell anywhere with Spark Pay. Turn your blog, CMS, Facebook or app into an ecommerce enabled sales channel with simple copy and paste embed code.

Embed Your "Buy Now" Button

Create a text link, css styled button, or use a custom graphic to act as your "buy now" button. It is a straight forward process that brings your customer straight to checkout or can be used to add items to a cart and bring you to a cart page.

Embed Code Details

The embed code is completely formatted HTML code that is easy to copy and paste and requires no programming skills. The tool does all the work to create the code, you simply have to copy and paste where you want it. If you know how to copy and paste a YouTube video, you can copy and paste the embed code!

Embed Your Cart

Using this embed code you can place the cart embed code so customers can see items in the cart and change them as needed or go on to checkout.

Hub and Spoke

Do business anywhere online by relying on your store as a hub, but not always the destination. With embedded ecommerce tools you can tweet, email, and embed product links as well as provide a complete shopping experience in sites that are not strictly your store.

Embed Your Products

Select any product in your catalog or use the creation tools to create a new product with image, text, price, and add-to-cart buttons. With the click of a button, all your product information can be converted to a simple embed code to copy and paste on any site.

Manage Customers and Orders

Even though your embedded ecommerce elements are in other locations, all management of customers and orders are handled within your Spark Pay online store.