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Secure eCommerce

Spark Pay sites are secured from the top down with multiple layers of firewalls, secure passwords and high encryption, guaranteeing you a secure shopping cart.

128-bit HTTPS/SSL Support

Each Spark Pay secure shopping cart comes complete with a FREE, shared 128bit SSL certificate.

Secure Web-Based Administration

Your administration console is secured with 128bit SSL for maximum shopping cart security.

Role Based Security

Generate multiple login accounts with unique passwords and restrict access to certain pages and actions such as Read / Write / Create / Delete.

Customer Information and Ecommerce Security

All web sites are protected by Cisco firewalls. All sensitive information, such as credit cards and passwords, is secured using advanced, military-grade encryption and stored on a separate server from the web site behind another firewall layer. Customer transactions and accounting integration occurs over 128bit SSL encryption.

Free Shipping Discounts

As part of the powerful Discount Methods, you can specify free shipping based on certain rules such as order total, destination, shipping method, and more.

Fraud Screening

Spark Pay, Ecommerce Security in conjunction with your merchant account, offers AVS validation including the CVV (Credit Card Verification) code. Shipping and Billing addresses are checked in real-time against the cardholder bank database. You can even choose to disallow shipping outside of your specified delivery zones to eliminate fraud.