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Live Design Theme Editor

Spark Pay online stores include design tools to customize any theme. The Live Design tool within the theme system is powerful and easy to use with a complete drag and drop experience. You don't have to know HTML to use it either.

Drag & Drop Design

Your theme is 100% customizable. Live Design and the theme system is how you customize your theme. Drag and drop your widgets into your design template and see them appear in your design. While viewing your front-end design, you can add, move, edit, and delete elements in your layout with a simple point and click or drag and drop of the mouse.

CSS Style Designer

While using Design Mode, you can easily edit the look and feel. Edit size, color, text, buttons, background, and so much more.

Live Design Widget Mode

Drag and Drop widgets to and from to and from any area of the page. Edit the properties and entire layout of each widget on the page with easy to access menus.