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Facebook Store

Your fully integrated Facebook store is ready in minutes through your Spark Pay store. Think of this as building your store, then using Spark Pay to place your store within Facebook with ease. Obviously, the ability to sell to your customers, friends, and fans on Facebook is a great sales channel - being able to do it through your ecommerce store means it's low maintenance and easy to manage in one place.

Free Facebook Store App

It's fast, already integrated, just needs a few clicks and your setup to sell on Facebook. Simply add the Facebook Store Shop App to your Facebook Page and use the same centralized admin console as your Spark Pay store.

Complete Shopping Experience on Facebook

This is truly a fully integrated Facebook Shop where your customer can view products, add items to their cart and completely checkout with payment and address information all within your Facebook page.

Spark Pay Power inside Facebook

Almost all Spark Pay features are available inside your Facebook Shop tab. Customer can browse your product catalog, add products to their cart and checkout seamlessly all within Facebook.

Free Facebook Theme

All Spark Pay stores include a free Facebook theme you can use at the click of a button or modify within the theme system. This theme runs separately than your actual store theme so you can add product widgets, custom layouts, and variety of options to your Facebook Shop.

Products and Content Tabs

Your Facebook Shop tab allows your inventory of products as well as additional content pages. Use the content pages to describe sales offers, return policies, contact information or whatever you feel is best for your Facebook Shop.

More Information

You might use this to only show your best sellers or to showcase specific products based on your understanding of your Facebook Audience. Additionally, you may use Facebook ads to encourage shopping in your Facebook Shop so the user doesn't have to leave their Facebook experience to get to your stores and products. All your discounts, promotions, ad codes and marketing tools are still available within your Facebook Shop. Additionally, your management of orders, customers, and fulfillment will be managed within your Spark Pay store.