Build your ideal Point of Sale Register

Turn your iPad into a dynamic full payment center and accept both cash and cards.

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A digital register from Capital One, a top 10 US commercial bank
Straightforward Pricing

Sell in person with your choice of two simple pricing plans. Enjoy low swipe fees at the point of sale or on the go without long-term commitments or additional fees.

No Contract, No Worry

Performance is the goal. Simply order the POS hardware that fits your needs and download the app. No contract and no risk with a 30 day trial period.

Safe and Secure

Maximize your protection and reduce your risks for liability. Spark Pay card processing is built to safely accept a variety of payment types.

Customer Support

Your point-of-sale comes fully-equipped with peace of mind. Get answers and advice 7 days a week from online experts, over the phone and always at your service.

Payment solutions to fit your business Conveniently accept cards and cash with custom receipts, all within minimal counter space.
Full iPad POS Bundle

Enhance your sales engagement with a modern and versatile payment system. Easily swipe cards with the Mobile Reader while also accepting cash, coupons and checks within the secure cash drawer.

Manage all your sales and inventory with the Spark Mobile Reader and the dynamic Spark Pay app dashboard displayed on the iPad.

Generate crisp and fast receipts with the reliable digital printer.

A complete point of sale solution for your small business.

Use Your iPad

Turn your own iPad into a digital register by securing within the iPad Stand. Generate speedy receipts with the included printer and store media within the low-profile cash drawer.

Enhance Your POS

Secure cash, checks, coupons and more within a sturdy cash drawer, while also adding a reliable thermal printer for quickly generating customer and store receipts.


Free Mobile Reader

The small yet powerful Spark Mobile Reader allows transactions to be swiped and processed securely, easily and fast - and the best part, it's free. Plug in the Mobile Reader, download the free Spark Pay app, and you are ready to set up your digital register.

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Quality components to build your POS
Thermal Receipt Printer

This printer is appreciably small (5.5Wx5.2Hx8D inch) with impressive high speed (~12in/sec) printing. Conveniently drop-in 3" width paper rolls within the top loading access and output receipts imprinted with your own store's logo. All enclosed within a splash resistant cover.

Standard Duty Cash Drawer

Secure your cash, checks and more within the sturdy stainless steel drawer, cloaked by a texturized fingerprint resistant powdercoat finish. Accessing is smooth and reliable with roller bearing suspension and spring action ejection. The low-profile drawer requires minimal space (13.8x16.3.4.0 inch) and restricts access with a four-function lock, reassured by drawer status reporting.

iPad Stand

Patented brackets securely capture your iPad within this precision designed stand. Strategically placed holes channel your smart connector and lightning cables. The texturized, fingerprint resistant, powdercoat finish accentuates the streamlined design of the tamper resistant commercial grade steel stand.


Manage sales and inventory on a multi-touch scratch resistant glass screen within a 16 GB Apple iPad Air® or Air 2® using the Spark Pay app dashboard. Conveniently connect the iPad with the printer via Wi-Fi. To expand your POS capabilities, the iPad camera may be enhanced as a 2D barcode reader.

Enjoy straightforward card processing pricing.
Go Plan

Pay only for the transactions you run each month.
(Best if you process less than $3,000 per month)

  • $0 Monthly Service Fee Enjoy free monthly service after the terminal purchase.
  • 2.65% Swiped Visa/MasterCard/Discover Per Transaction
  • 3.70% Swiped American Express Per Transaction
  • 3.70% Keyed-in Transactions Transaction fee per manual entry
  • $0.05 Per Transaction Fee Fixed low fee per swipe, insert or hover
Pro Plan

Pay a small monthly fee, but enjoy less cost per transaction.
(Best if you process more than $3,000 per month)

  • $19 Monthly Service Fee A simple, flat rate per month.
  • 1.99% Swiped Visa/MasterCard/Discover Per Transaction
  • 2.80% Swiped American Express Per Transaction
  • 2.80% Keyed-in Transactions Transaction fee per manual entry
  • $0.05 Per Transaction Fee Fixed low fee per swipe, insert or hover
It's easy to get started.
1. Sign up

Enroll here online by submitting your info and preferences.

2. Download App

Download the free Spark Pay app on your Apple or Android device.

3. Approval

Our Capital One underwriters will review your selection for approval and qualification.

4. Receive Your Register Hardware

You can expect to receive your Register components within a matter of days after approval.

FAQs Spark Mobile Readers can be your convenient mobile solution, helping you process more payments from your customers.
Q: What type of business is best for a Spark Pay Digital Register? A: Small businesses that provide card and cash payment options are ideal, wherein a stationary counter is used to conduct transactions (ex: service: salons, car service, restaurants, etc., and retail: clothing, jewelry, hardware, floral, etc.).
Q: Can I order more than one of each Register hardware components? A: Yes, you can order more than one, once you have established a Spark Pay account. Compatible accessories and replacement supplies may be purchased through the Spark Pay approved partner - POS Portal. Please refer to the listed products earlier on this page for pricing.
Q: What payment types does the Mobile Reader accept? A: The Spark Pay Mobile Reader accepts swipe transmissions from magstripe credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards (only Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover logoed gift cards, not private branded). EMV chip and NFC/contactless payment methods are not currently acceptable for all the Digital Register bundles.
Q: What's the difference between swiping and keying in transactions? A: Keying in a transaction manually is more expensive than swiping a card due to the assessment of card-not- present fees. If you have the Go Plan, the keyed rate is 3.70% + 5 cents per transaction for all card types. For the Pro Plan, the keyed rate is 2.80% + 5 cents per transaction for all card types.
Q: How long does it take to receive the Register hardware? A: You can expect to receive your Digital Register hardware within 2-3 business days after the order. The Mobile Reader will be shipped separately and may take 2-3 days following approval and acknowledgment via the Spark Pay app download.
Q: How do the cash drawer, printer and iPad connect? A: A standard interface cable is included to connect the printer with the cash drawer to receive a drawer-kick signal, which allows the POS system to monitor drawer open status. The printer connects to the iPad via Wi-Fi transmission. An included Ethernet cable connects a wireless router to the back of the printer. A power connection is required to both the iPad (or Android tablet) and printer separately (power cords included).
Q: How long does it take to get approved for underwriting? A: Typically, underwriting takes 24-48 hours from your submittal for info.
Q: How do I access my account? A: Download the Spark Pay® app and launch it on your iPad or compatible Android tablet. Or visit and click the Sign in link. After you sign in, enter your email address and password associated with the account, then enter your 4-digit PIN and you'll get access to your Spark® account.
Q: How long does it take to deposit funds to my account? A: Funds should be deposited within just 2 business days on average. For new merchants, please allow 4-5 business days for your first deposit as we verify your account. Your account is initially reviewed by our credit support team before you receive your first deposit of funds.
Q: Can I change my pricing plan? A: Yes, you can. Please contact our support team at and indicate which plan you'd like to use and we'll change your plan.
Enhance your payment systems options today with Capital One.