Accept payments on the go.

Plug and Pay

Sell in person anytime, anywhere with your free Spark Mobile Reader and Spark Pay® app. Simply plug the credit card reader into your iPhone, iPad or Android device when you're ready to sell.

Save with Low Swipe Fees

Choose from our two simple price plans and enjoy low credit card swipe fees wherever the sale takes you with no long-term commitments or additional fees.

Sync Devices and Users

Easily set up multiple devices with profiles for each team member. Control user access, track performance and sync your devices all from the Spark Pay® app.

Support 7 Days a Week

Your mobile credit card reader comes with everyday customer support. Get answers and helpful tips from our experts, online or over the phone.

Flexible. Mobile. Powerful.

Spark Mobile Reader gives you more opportunities to get paid on your iPad, iPhone or Android. Use it as a simple point-of-sale or to boost your register experience. Never miss a sale with your free Spark Pay app.

Available on IOS™ and Android™

Free reader at sign-up

Receive a lightweight, easy-to-use Spark Mobile Reader and start accepting more payments today. The first reader is free; each additional credit card reader is only $13.

Credit Card reader

Enjoy straightforward pricing.

Go Plan

Pay only for the transactions you run each month.
(Best if you process less than $3,000 per month)

Monthly Service Fee
Enjoy free monthly service after sign up.
Swiped Visa/MasterCard/Discover
Per transaction
Swiped American Express
Per transaction
Keyed in Transactions
Transaction fee per manual entry
Per Transaction Fee
Fixed low fee per swipe, insert or hover

Pro Plan

Pay a small monthly fee, but enjoy less cost per transaction.
(Best if you process more than $3,000 per month)

Monthly Service Fee
A simple, flat rate per month
Swiped Visa/MasterCard/Discover
Per transaction
Swiped American Express
Per transaction
Keyed in Transactions
Transaction fee per manual entry
Per Transaction Fee
Fixed low fee per swipe, insert or hover

What to expect

1. Sign Up

Enroll here online by submitting your info and preferences.

2. Download App

Download the free Spark Pay app on your Apple or Android device.

3. Approval

Our Capital One underwriters will review your selection for approval and qualification.

4. Receive Your Reader

You can expect to receive the reader in a matter of days after approval.


Spark Mobile Readers can be your convenient mobile credit card processing solution, helping you process more payments from your customers.

Q: What's the difference between swiping and keying in transactions?

A: Keying in a transaction manually is more expensive than swiping a creit card due to the assessment of card-not-present fees. If you have the Go Plan, the keyed rate is 3.70% + 5 cents per transaction for all credit card and debit card types. For the Pro Plan, the keyed rate is 2.80% + 5 cents per transaction for all credit card and debit card types.

Q: What payment types do the readers accept?

A: All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for swiping, however PIN Debit cards are not currently accepted. The Spark Pay app allows for manually entering in both card and NFC payments.

Q: Why would a business owner choose a Spark Mobile Reader over a Spark Payment Terminal?

A: The Spark Mobile Reader is ideal for small businesses looking to process payments on the go or in the field. The reader (or dongle) requires no batteries and can fit easily in your pocket for quick, handy access to plug into your device to start swiping credit cards. Payment Terminals are designed for a higher frequency of transactions per day, and due to its wire or battery, require time in a designated area.

Q: How long does it take to deposit funds to my account?

A: Funds should be deposited within just 2 business days on average. For new merchants, please allow 4-5 business days for your first deposit as we verify your account. Your account is initially reviewed by our credit support team before you receive your first deposit of funds.

Q: How does the mobile reader connect?

A: Spark Mobile Reader works with the Spark Pay app right on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simply plug the mobile reader (the dongle) into your headphones jack and start accepting all major credit cards quickly and securely. For iPhone 7 users, just plug the reader into the accessory cord for fitting into the lightning port.

Can I order more than one Mobile Reader?

A: Yes! Your first Mobile Reader is free, but each additional must be purchased.

Q: How do I access my account?

A: Download the Spark Pay® app and launch it on your smart phone or mobile device. Or visit and click the Sign In link. After you sign in, enter your email address and password associated with the account, then enter your 4-digit PIN and you'll get access to your Spark® account.

Q: Can I change my pricing plan?

A: Yes, you can. Merchants can change their price plans anytime at Or contact our support team at for assistance.

Q: How long does it take to receive the device?

A: Merchants can expect 2-3 business days. Merchants must log into the app to confirm delivery address.