Grow online revenue and optimize B2B operations

Handle High Volume with Ease

Sell online with all the advantages of flexible pricing, quick reorder tools, customer-specific product lists and high volume order capabilities.

Manage Wholesale and Retail

Offer different levels of pricing for wholesale and retail customers, control store-specific pricing and manage price quantity breaks with B2B pricing tools.

Run Multiple Storefronts

Run many online stores from one integrated admin console. Sell different products or brands to multiple audience types and regions at custom price points that work for you.

Customize Shipping Options

Create rules for shipping products with distributors, warehouses and wholesalers. Set up triggers for shipping discounts and customize drop shipping options.

B2B Online Store

Power your B2B eCommerce

Our B2B eCommerce features give manufacturers and distributors what they need to make backend processes go smoothly while growing their bottom line. Whether you are an eCommerce retailer looking to add B2B eCommerce features in the future or an existing distributor wanting to improve your processes, order management and reporting, with a Spark Online Store you have the flexibility, advanced tools and deep features every B2B eCommerce business needs.

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Sophisticated eCommerce tools and controls

Powerful features with advanced settings give you more options to fit your business model.

B2B Pricing Tools

B2B Pricing Tools

  • Customer type pricing–Different levels of pricing including retail, wholesale level 1, wholesale level 2 & more with product level and advanced pricing calculator
  • Store level pricing–Manage wholesale and retail customers with microstores or multiple stores with catalog control and store specific pricing
  • Quantity pricing–Price breaks based on quantity being ordered
  • Smart shipping controls to automatically calculate accurate shipping rates based on where your warehouses are shipping from and where your customer is shipping to

Advanced Payment & Pricing Settings

  • Custom payment methods specific to customers–Allow your approved wholesale customers to pay via checks, POs and more
  • Mark a customer tax exempt
  • Require registration to browse site or catalog
  • Require login to begin checkout or view cart
  • Require registration on one-page checkout
  • Require login for pricing
  • Pay with points.
  • Change price displayed according to customer

Catalog Tools

  • Microstores for catalog control–Display completely different catalogs based on customers. Different wholesale levels and distributor groups can all have unique catalogs. Products can be unique to a microstore or shared between microstores
  • Products can be unique to a microstore or shared between microstores.
  • Run multiple stores from a single admin console—Multiple stores to segment retail and wholesale sites give you control over design, settings, pricing and shipping
Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

  • Rewards & loyalty program–If you service retail and wholesale customers, you can exclude wholesale customers from the rewards program. If you service only wholesale customers, you can create an effective rebates or rewards program for your wholesale clients. This helps build repeat business and loyalty.
  • Customer type discounts–Different discounts for different customers
  • Various shipping options–Free shipping or shipping over a certain threshold based on customer type
  • Customer type coupons–Create special promotions for your B2B clients

Supports Many B2B Business Models

  • Drop Shipping
  • Tiered wholesale pricing
  • Quantity based pricing
  • Digital downloads
  • Recurring orders
  • Services providers
  • Non-shippable products
  • Retail or Wholesale
Quick Order Tools

Quick Order Tools

  • Saved carts created by clients for quick reordering
  • Quick reorder from past orders
  • Custom product lists–Create customer specific product lists for specific B2B clients for ease of ordering. (Created on the admin side and can be used by specific customers on the front end.)
  • Quick order forms
  • Easily pre-load the cart and email a link to your customer so they can easily review the cart and checkout.
  • Take a call-in order over the phone by using the quick order entry in the admin.
  • Accept a PO# is method of payment.

B2B Security Tools

  • Require login for pricing–A setting to hide pricing completely or require login for pricing
  • Require global store password
  • Restrict login to assigned site–Used when running multiple stores
  • Redirect customer to assigned store–Used on login and when you want to redirect customers to their specific customer type catalog in a microstore and when catalog display is controlled using microstores

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Don't overlook these great B2B tools

Warehouse Shipping

Warehouse Shipping

If you’re interested in setting up multiple warehouses for shipping, Spark Online Store puts flexibility and options at your fingertips.

Designate your primary warehouse or Dropshipper and set up your others by location or account number.

To access warehouse shipping options, start by clicking Settings > Shipping > Warehouses. Add, edit and manage multiple warehouses to work best for your business.

Workflow Rule Engine

Workflow Rule Engine

Set automatic actions for if–then scenarios with the rule engine. Create rules to tag affiliates or ad codes to identify how and where your sales are coming from.

Set >order event rules> to trigger automatic e–mails for specific customers at exclusive times. For example, if a customer purchases product X and product Y together only in the month of June, your automatic reminder e–mail can be sent every June 1st.

Find it in the Marketing tab in the nav menu. Click Marketing > 5 Power Features > then scroll down to find the Rule Engine. From there, you’ll see a new menu for customer events, order events and more.

Customer Based Pricing

Customer Based Pricing

Are you a B2B selling to wholesale and retail customers, or do you have a need for multiple storefronts? Offer products with different pricing based on customer type.

In the nav menu, click Settings > People > Customer Types. Add "new" customer types for as many as you like.

Then in the Product Editor, open any product to edit the pricing. If a registration field has been made for the customer type, assign the right price to any of the customer types.

Each business is unique—call 1-800-936-9006 to get started.

What our B2B merchants say about Spark Online Store:

"Spark has been an invaluable partner for us by supplying multi-store support in a wholesale environment. They have allowed us to set custom pricing levels according to sales volume, create user by user custom logins, hide or show pricing and restrict orders to logged in customers.

All of the functions we have needed over the last few years have allowed Wholesale Interiors to grow to one of the nation's largest furniture drop shippers. Spark Pay has also helped us custom design many features that were not standard as well as creating graphic templates."

Jennifer Tanner
Wholesale Interiors

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