Selling a Theme

Spark Pay has an open marketplace which makes it easier for you to add your responsive theme to the theme store.

  • Up to 70% Commission Rate
  • Post Approval Editing
  • Profile for theme marketing
  • Build from existing "Base" theme
  • Multiple Pricing Options
  • Quick Theme Approval
  • Theme is available in user's admin
What is the payout?

Every time you sell a theme in the Theme Store you get a percentage of the sale (either 70% or 30%). The payout depends on whether or not you support your theme.

Supported Theme

Under this payout you will need to support your theme. Supporting a theme deals mostly with fixing bugs on the original theme when they arise. Customers will be encouraged to email all support issues to you directly.


At Spark Pay, we encourage theme designers to support their themes, but we get it. Sometimes you don't want the extra hassle. Under this payout you are not required to support your theme, but the same standards apply to all Spark Pay themes.

You don't have to build from scratch

Base Theme
Every theme is built from our Base theme, which uses the bootstrap framework and has some built-in functionality, so you don't have start from scratch each time.

How do I get started?
1 Sign up for a test site

Complete the signup form and we'll send you an email with information for your sandbox account.

2 Build your theme

Get to it, build your theme! We have some helpful documentation for building a theme. If you have questions you can also submit a support ticket

3 Submit theme

So you've pushed the last pixel, time to submit your theme! We have a checklist for theme submision.

Build someone's store. Make serious money.

Simple Reseller
Create a custom shop for a client and Earn monthly commissions of up to 25%. Generate ongoing recurring revenue while Spark Pay takes care of client side activites. Ideal for web service providers. Sign up as a reseller